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Owner Training Session

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Learn the tricks of the trade, and the quirks of your dog in particular from me so you can perfect and protect your progress together!

These are one hour sessions designed to provide the utmost insight into your dog's psychology, physiology and how to manage both from a behavioural perspective. I train you on how I trained them!

Customer Reviews

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Jess Lee
Archers confidence!

Archer was having a really hard time with the stairs, he was anxious and overall scared. After his last session he was able to stop jumping up the the flight of stairs and focus on calmly doing them! What a game changer! We are also getting so much help with archers ball possession behaviours, I sure can’t think of another trainer to help me with all of the problems a young shepherd gets with adolescence! It’s such a luxury to have a positive trainer in the Area! Archers training has been good with my basics skills but having a certified trainer to take his skills to next levels is incredible!!!

Donna Outhwaite
Calmer dog/happy owner

I am very pleased with the behavioural changes that my little dog has achieved. Toby was fearful of new environments, interactions with other dogs and people as well as displays of aggression toward family members. I have learned a lot from observing the training sessions that Quinn has had with my dog. My family has also remarked on the improvement they see in our much loved pooch. We all feel more confident in our interactions with Toby. Thank you Quinn for your calm and loving approach to dog training.