About the Artist

Winter French the “innovative, differently-abled artist” (Mary Wildsmith, Radio Airplay), is a Canadian singer-songwriter, guitarist, producer & entrepreneur.  His songs seem to fit this unique territory of the “quirky, compelling and lovable jam” (Radio Airplay) known to “drip with wit and perception” (Radio Airplay). 

“With draw in Pop, folk and singer-songwriter genres” (Mary Wildsmith) Winter French is unique in his own right, much like the artists to which he is frequently compared.  Like a young Jack Johnson or John Mayer, making music for fans of them, Alessia Cara, Trevor Hall, Andy Grammar, Harry Styles Uncle Kracker (Radio Airplay) and more, Winter French has a large range and wide appeal, packaged with a thoughtful personality and strong convictions.  He’s not just a good guy, he’s a good guy who’s been through some things.  Enough to write about for the foreseeable future, at least! 

Standing up for what you believe in is one of the most core values Winter French has.  He believes it’s important to keep the pace, that is, push forward with your goals and standing by your beliefs, even if you can’t keep the peace at the same time.  Don’t be afraid to rock the boat a bit to get it steering in a better direction, you know?  Be brave, be determined, keep the pace.